Samuel Bassett Solo Presentation at START, Saatchi Gallery



Samuel Bassets work will be presented in a solo exhibition at START at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ King's Road, Chelsea, London from 15-18 September 2016.

Artist statement: The work on show deals with: change, transition, evolution of place and the human condition, feeling on the edge of the ability to live relatively primitively. Industry and heritage, raping of the land and the soul. Memories are a must as places held close decline, playing with narrative imagery, solitude, lone figure either thriving or searching or laying wounded. Polar opposites, up and down personality. Burning boats = last chance to be saved. Worn heads are displaced people. Men with no cocks, naked stripped of heritage, alone, asexual. Sexy. I love sex. Men as boys playing with thoughts. Materials are my way of communicating. Join in or be left behind. As I leave faith what is there as an atheist, as just a single being? Need to search and believe in something. Brain dumping.