Peter Randall-Page Unveils 'The One and The Many'



Peter Randall-Page’s public presence is greatly enhanced by the unveiling of the hugely ambitious, ‘The One And The Many’ at Fitzroy Place, London.

An enormous eroded granite boulder weighing 25 tonnes was carved with origin stories from around the world, incorporating writing systems from the earliest cuneiform script from ancient mesopotamia to modern languages. They recount stories of ‘the creation’: poetic musings and epic tales of our own origins. The lines that Peter has chosen deal with cosmology and the material/poetical formation of the universe, according to these cultures.

Virtually all cultures have creation myths, explanations of how the world came into being and this leap of imagination illustrates the essence of creativity across many cultures and languages.

‘The One and The Many’ is primarily a celebration of human ingenuity and imagination. Our ability to convey meaning to one another, through time and space, by making marks has revolutionised human culture and society.

It is almost impossible for us to imagine a world without writing systems, a world where the only form of communication and dissemination of knowledge and ideas was through face-to-face contact.


Most writing systems began as pictographs and evolved into more abstract marks, eventually conveying their meaning through phonic rather than pictorial signs.

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