Peter Randall-Page Shown at Yorkshire Sculpture Park For 40th Anniversary


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To celebrate Yorkshire Sculpture Parks 40th anniversary, Peter Randall-Page is showing ‘Shapes in The Clouds III’ alongside key pieces by Ai Weiwei, Matthew Day Jackson and Phyllida Barlow.

Shapes in the Clouds characterises the duality of his approach. The individual sculptures are based on the shapes of different Platonic Solids – three-dimensional forms that are fundamental to the structure of the universe, and are found in atomic, molecular and crystalline structures. However, the geometry and precision of this starting point are brought together with the extraordinary randomness of Randall-Page’s chosen material of Rosso Luana marble, with its swathes of colour and sense of vitality and energy. The sculpture, though based in complex science, is visually compelling, tactile and sensual. The artist’s poetic approach is captured when he describes “for me the patterning in the marble is like solidified cloud forms or the earth seen from space”.