Jarno Vesala in Soho's Nordic Delights Festival



Jarno Vesala is included in Nordic DeLights an arts festival taking place across Soho, London.

Nordic DeLights is a light festival where thirteen contemporary artists from the Nordic countries have been invited to showcase site-specific works across Soho, London. Taking place from the 13th to the 28th January 2018, Nordic DeLights will mesmerise with unique visual dialogues under the unifying power of light.

With installations both indoors and outdoors, the light festival invites us to experience six Soho venues through the eyes of Nordic artists, who spend their winters almost entirely in darkness. The selected works provide innovative interpretations of different applications of light using the art forms of light architecture, design, video, and performance.

This festival is an A:CODE project. A:CODE is a non-profit arts organisation dedicated to the production of projects for cross-cultural exchange and grassroots community engagement with the arts. Through the development of broad collaborations, A:CODE is committed to engaging local audiences with cutting-edge international, contemporary art which transcends geographic and socioeconomic boundaries.

Further details at acode.org.uk