(b. 1959)

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Sonnenblumen (2016)


Steve Goddard is a British artist born in London, England in 1959 where he still resides.

Steve Goddard's artwork originates from a process of conscious and subconscious thought. His inner voice infuses with a broad range of historical artistic influences ranging from classical, ethnographic, religious and primitive. The lone figure, often represented in head form, is a repeated motif. Portraits will often be of loved ones or hero’s and are imbued with nostalgia. There is a constant aesthetic shift from renaissance drawing technique to gestural, impasto expressionism or an ‘art brut' sensibility. Utilising painting, drawing to bronze or mixed media sculpture. The broad range of historic references both personal and universal result in the work attaining a timeless quality, yet there is no doubt as to the contemporaneity of the works, which become a palimpsest, bringing us from ‘then’ and taking us to ‘now’. 

Goddard's artworks are held in numerous prestigious international collections and his work has featured in exhibitions worldwide. Steve Goddard is represented by Anima-Mundi.