8/9 - 7/10



A dream it seemed to me, a night so cold trees turned to white before my eyes.

Frost rimed the land and air, and the ancient tree.

Waters rose, and perceiving Reason’s noble visage drowning neath the waves, we took ship to ride out the storm… returned light displayed the uppermost boughs of mighty trees piercing the surface of dark waters… from the sky without a sound a lance of flame, and neath there jiggered sabbath shapes.

Abandoned Babel, submerged in evening depths… and a solitary boatman, dark before a setting sun, approaches on a sea of glass, and sounds a final horn… the boatman calls…

Sax Impey, 2017





Like the desert, where religions form, the open ocean asks of the imagination a narrative.

Observations on my journeys hinted at the fragments of a story…  another story, or perhaps another’s story…

It seemed to me I garnered traces, or echoes of it, on a white winters night in England, in Biscay, and in the waters of the Mediterranean on a voyage which turned out to be the last I would ever make with Trevor Vincett, a friend and mentor over so many ocean miles.

This exhibition is dedicated to his memory.

Sax Impey, 2017


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Sax Impey was born in Penzance, Cornwall in 1969. He completed a BA(Hons) Fine Art at Newport in 1991 and returned to Cornwall in 1994.

Since 2005 he has produced alegorical works derived almost exclusively from experiences at sea. A qualified RYA Yachtmaster, he has sailed many thousands of nautical miles in many parts of the world.

Impey’s extensive trips at sea have had a profound impact on his life and subsequent development as an artist. Reconnecting to nature through this powerful element has the almost inescapable effect of calling to question some of life’s existential questions. This epiphanic moment of realisation, of revelation, is at the core of Impey’s oeuvre.

Reflecting on and capturing personal moments and making them universal, Impey’s work reaffirms the importance of introspection and confrontation, found specifically when surrounded by the natural world; “A mind can breathe, and observe, and reflect, away from the shrill desperation of a culture that, having forgotten that it is better to say nothing than something about nothing, invents ever new ways to fill every single space with less and less.”

Sax Impey has occupied no.8 Porthmeor Studios since 2003, part of an historic studio complex overlooking Porthmeor beach in St Ives.

In 2007 his work was selected for the ‘Art Now Cornwall’ exhibition at the Tate St Ives where he was placed on the cover of the associated publication, the same year he was heralded in The Times as one of the ‘New Faces of Cornish Art’.

In 2010 Impey featured in the Owen Sheers, BBC4 Documentary ‘Art of the Sea (In Pictures)’ alongside Anish Kapoor, J M W Turner, Martin Parr and Maggie Hambling among others. In 2012 he was elected an Academician of The RWA.

Whilst maintaining a solo studio practice Impey has also engaged in numerous collaborative projects, including film, theatre, performance and installation works. His paintings are in numerous collections including The Arts Council, Warwick University, The Connaught Hotel and other private collections worldwide.

Sax Impey is represented by Anima-Mundi.