Andrew Litten & Jarno Vesala's Extraordinary Solo Exhibitions Wowing Crowds at Anima-Mundi

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Two unique and ambitious solo exhibitions, 'Ordinary Bodies, Ordinary Bones' by Andrew Litten and 'Far is the False & Deceitful World' by Jarno Vesala, opened on Friday, 11th May at Anima-Mundi to great enthusiasm. Word has been travelling since with both shows already receiving big audiences.

These highly idiosyncratic and original exhibitions, incorporating vivid and visceral contemporary painting alongside sculpture, sound and projected image installation, are presented over all three floors of the gallery.

Vesala's complex installation works play with the act of perception, memory and illusion.  His emotionally and physically participatory and  immersive environments are perplexing, mysterious and unsettling. Recurrent humanistic themes relate to solitude, exclusion and loss, made manifest and palpable through his unique rendering.

Litten's large-scale, gestural and impasto, oil painting shown alongside energetic works on paper and a handful of raw sculptural works, all made over the past three years.  Each work emphatically casts light on the artists intense and introspective fascination with the universal mundanity and complexity of everyday existence acknowledging that life is made up of a paradoxical combination of deeply meaningful and utterly insignificant happenings and states of being. Themes such as isolation, addiction, love, sex, paranoia, empathy, fear and death are all visited and shared.

We urge you to make every effort to visit and see in the flesh as both shows are to be experienced in person. Both exhibitions continue until 16/6/2018.

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