Andrew Litten Public Exhibition opens at Drill Hall Gallery, Australia

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Andrew Litten's public solo exhibition of archive works, titled ‘Impromptu', opens at The Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, Australia opening alongside his mini retrospective, titled ‘Archive’, at the Royal Cornwall Museum, UK. 

Works exhibited illustrate Litten’s earlier philosophical outlook of creating works which "deliberately chose humble, unartlike domestic materials and often drew with a biro pen on note paper or old envelopes. Cardboard boxes, irregular shaped bits of wood and furniture parts were reassembled and manipulated with figurative references, and each in their own way offered a purposely fragile or precarious support for the visual messages and the transient incidental life moments that I hoped to represent.”

About the Drill Hall Gallery:

The Drill Hall was built in 1940 to train soldiers for the Second World War. In 1984 the interior was superbly remodelled to create an art gallery which is considered one of the most beautiful of its kind. In 2004 a Heritage order was placed on the building. While the National Gallery of Australia waited for the completion of its building, temporary exhibitions of the national collection were held here. In 1992 the Australian National University took over the Drill Hall Gallery as a showcase for its own art collection and as a venue for temporary exhibitions.There are 4 discrete exhibition spaces. The Gallery is a venue of choice for many of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, curators and collectors. They have developed a proud tradition of impeccably presented landmark exhibitions accompanied by scholarly publications. Sidney Nolan’s 9-panel panorama, Riverbend (recently nominated among the ten must-see art treasures of Canberra) is on permanent display in Gallery 4. The Drill Hall Gallery provides the Canberra community and ANU with a selective program of high quality exhibitions of Australian and international art. The Gallery supports the arts in the Canberra region by presenting exhibitions developed in conjunction with the University’s wide-ranging academic interests and or to coincide with major conferences and public events. National and international exhibitions – and works from the University’s own extensive collection – are features of the Gallery’s program.

Location: Kingsley Street, off Barry Drive, Acton, Canberra, Australia. Hours: 12-5 pm, Wednesday to Sunday. The exhibition opens from 1- 6 May 2018.