Trevor Bell 'Calshot' on Display In Tate St Ives Grand Extension Opening Exhibition



Trevor Bell's 'Calshot'(1970), which was acquired by Tate alongside a number of other works for their permanent collection will be on display at Tate St Ives as part of the grand opening of their significant new extension.

The underground extension, which is buried out of sight in a cliff, will house contemporary art shows, will reopen after an 18-month closure and a long, drawn-out £20m expansion project requiring machines to pound the Cornish cliffside to remove blue elvan, the hardest rock in the British Isles.

Now buried in the cliff is an incongruously bright and airy 500 sq metre gallery that curators hope will put the gallery firmly on the international art map. The main aim of the extension was to show both contemporary art and works from Tate’s impressive collection of modernist art at the same time.


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