Phoebe Cummings 'Supernatural' Opens Alongside Paul Benney 'Editions' At Anima-Mundi



Phoebe Cummings' wondrous and hauntingly delicate ‘Supernatural' and Paul Benney’s incandescent 'Speaking in Tongues - Editions' opened last Friday 30th June to great enthusiasm.

Phoebe Cummings works predominantly using unfired clay to make poetic and performative sculptures and installations that emphasize material, fragility, time, creation, and decay. Working across fine art, design, and ceramics, Cummings works without a permanent studio and her impressive interventions are constructed directly on site as temporary installations, allowing an instinctive development of tensions between object and location.

In her current work, Cummings practice has developed slightly to exist beyond the duration of the exhibition. Cummings considers what we will carry forward into the future by producing exquisite hand made and extremely fragile sculptures based on ancient plants and ritualistic costumes with magical connotations. These intricate forms are delicately preserved in a thin layer of wax and this new work draws together a sense of English Paganism as well as the excess of Baroque and Rococo design, resulting in objects that might be considered dystopian ornaments of a future anthropology. The work builds on an ongoing interest in time and nature and how this has been represented and stylised through design.
In Paul Benney's 'Speaking in Tongues - Editions' Anima-Mundi is delighted to bring elements of the Venice Biennale back to St Ives with an exhibition of unique silver print editions of Benney’s epic paintings featured in his Venice Biennale Solo Presentation 'Speaking in Tongues'.

To mark this occasion closer to home, Anima-Mundi has dedicated two rooms of it’s imposing three-story building to this exhibition featuring a spectacular 20-panel reproduction of ‘Speaking in Tongues’ alongside newly produced silver print editions of the ‘Reliquary’ paintings shown alongside elements of the sound installation.

The exhibitions continue until 29th July, so you have plenty of time to see them in the flesh which we urge you to do in order to fully appreciate the depth and complexity.

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