Onya McCausland Public Land Work Unveiled


 1.30pm Tuesday 15th March 2016. Beechenhurst, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Artist Onya McCausland with her new instalation piece "Charcoal Measure". The work  represents an underground seam and the tracks of Forest of Dean mines using charcoal created from the kiln of the sculpture "Place", or Chair as it was known, that previosly stood on this site.

Onya McCausland has been working within the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Primarily on a large scale land based work; ‘Charcoal Measure’. 

“Charcoal Measure” uses charcoal compressed into a series of black trenches scored into the ground. The work enables visitors to the Sculpture Trail to trace the locations of hidden coal excavations that exist 1000ft under foot. Artist Onya McCausland worked closely with the Deputy Gaveller of the Forestry Commission in Coleford to explore surveys of old mine workings and map the charcoal markings on the surface of the Trail.

Onya said of the process: “The huge heap of charcoal made by burning “Place” was so visually and physically related to coal that my first urge was to return the charcoal to the ground — where it ‘belonged’ — and where its life began in the form of an oak tree.


The ‘coal measures’ underlying the Forest are a record of a geological cycle of transformation, and their exploitation as fossil fuel a record of our relationship with the Earth, I am interested in how these two material processes — geological and human — intersect, overlap and converge in the Forest.”

For Further information visit https://www.forestofdean-sculpture.org.uk/charcoal-measure-by-onya-mccausland/