Carlos Zapata & Henry Hussey Exhibitions Open At Anima-Mundi


Henry Hussey You Cant Outrun This 3.jpeg

Carlos Zapata’s ‘Hearing Others Footsteps’ and Henry Hussey’s ‘You Can’t Outrun This’ opened at Anima-Mundi on Friday to a capacity crowd.


In Zapata's 'Hearing Others Footsteps' each hand made piece recounts distinct memories from Carlos's childhood growing up in Columbia. The evocative objects and exquisitely worked figures form an important tribute to Carmen, a desolate woman who played a significant, yet  mysterious, part in Carlos’s life.

Henry Hussey’s ‘You Can’t Outrun This’ is the artists’ first showing at Anima-Mundi. The collection of masterful and charged textile banners, works on paper and raw glass heads shed light on the complex qualities of Henry’s emotionally invested art work.