Peter Randall-Page's 27 tonne 'Touchstone' at The Oval, London


Peter Randall-Page’s ‘Touchstone’ is a two part sculpture commissioned by Transport for London and situated at the Oval Triangle, adjacent to the Oval Underground Tube station. The sculpture is carved from two Bavarian granite boulders chosen for their natural form. The work is installed permanently at the site.

The 27 tonne sculpture is carved from two granite boulders chosen for their natural shape and balance.

In the words of the artist “Touchstone takes my longstanding interest in order and randomness in a new direction. I wanted to make something both monumental and playful”. 

Taking boulders shaped by chance events over millions of years, the artist has mapped an interlocking pattern enhancing its naturally eroded form. In the midst of the busy junction the sculpture sits in a circular paved space and inviting gentle contemplation as the shifting dappled light from the surrounding trees plays over its surface.