Onya McCausland 'Landscapes' opens at Anima-Mundi


Onya McCausland’s ‘Landscapes’, the second solo exhibition at Anima-Mundi opened on Saturday 20th October 2018 and continues until 8th December 2018.

The exhibition extends across all three floors of the gallery and focus on McCausland’s recent collection of paintings in varying scales and applications, guiding the viewer through four specific and creatively significant landscapes : Saltburn (floor 1), Cuthill (floor 2), Tan-y-Garn (floor 2) and Deerplay Hill (floor 3).

McCausland’s multi-layered, minimalist paintings and wall installations are made from ‘waste ochres’, produced as a result of the mining industry, and each floor of the exhibition will pay homage to the origin of the materials used, recording the aesthetic intensity and unique quality of each landscape.


McCausland’s research (in collaboration with the coal authority and UCL) has led to the creation of high-quality artist pigments in a range of rich, earthy ochres (ranging from primrose yellow to burnt terracotta) giving new purpose to an otherwise redundant and environmentally damaging material.

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