Youki Hirakawa’s at Carme Brescia Art Centre, Italy


Youki Hirakawa’s ‘Two Hearts Lost in the Darkness, Two Eyes to not See’ opened at Carme Brescia Art Centre, Italy. The exhibition runs from 14 September until 14 October, 2018.

The exhibition presents two impressive video installations, the first,'Lost films',is a sort of video-poem made in four languages (Italian, English, German and Japanese) obtained by assonanting, rhythms and accents, the titles of the film produced but lost from the four countries. Relating to the unknown events of numerous films that, after being shown at least once in theaters, have disappeared through the passage of time, or in the chaos of the Second World War. The second work, 'Vanished Tree' occupies the main hall and represents a tree disappeared through two videos, one on the ground and one suspended, showing respectively the trunk of the tree and the sky from its point of view: an empty space. The exhibition is curated by Monica Carrera and produced with the support of UBI Banca and Stereo Box, under the patronage of the Municipality of Brescia and Japan Foundation and the Institute of Japanese Culture in Rome.

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