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The great sea
has sent me adrift
it moves me
as the weed in a great river
earth and the great weather
move me
have carried me away
and move my inward parts with joy’

'Fountain Road' envelopes us in Thorp’s chosen landscapes, exposing our proximity to nothingness, showing us a way of seeing the world, a finite perspective of things. The works strive to create a sense of humility and wonder and to question what is important.

In the 'Fountain Project' the viewer is given the opportunity to create their own melody using the light harp which in turn adds another unique layer to the image. In Dwell 1.85:1 the viewer becomes immersed in the landscape, appearing on the road and becoming part of the work.

Thorp’s work often springs from his song and scriptwriting:

Out at the limit he looks down at the precious stone
He sees the seasons rolling on, into one
And says if you see it clear then it’s your home
And this is your home….
In the winter so close to the ground
In the cold blue light look what I found
From carbon and water to such a fine mind
Look what I found, in infinite surround
Look what I found, in you…….

Thorps’s other works resonate with his ongoing love of the picaresque, the road movie, the emerging story. Polaroids are the perfect vehicle to capture this poetry of the moment, never to be repeated.





Roger Thorp is a British artist born in Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire in 1955. He currently lives and works in Cornwall.

Roger Thorp’s artwork consists of still images exhibited alongside complex, multi-media, immersive and participatory installations. Thorp’s work effectively transmits his enormous sensitivity towards the earth, humanity and spirituality, becoming a manifestation of deep joy and a proclamation of existence for those who forget where they are going.

After leaving lm school, Roger Thorp started out as a runner in the film industry, moving on to work as Producer and PM on music videos for U2, The Clash, Iggy Pop and others. Thorp has also directed programmes for NGO’s such as WWF, ILO and the Red Cross, working in Australia, Mongolia and the USA. He has also made two feature films. Other work by Roger as a writer/director has been screened in Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen and London. In 2004 he co-founded the art-house online gallery ‘Littlesong lms’ and in 2015 he founded ‘The Olive Network’ a sophisticated web platform built to foster tolerance and understanding throughout diverse global communities by focusing on the positive long term contributions of charity, the arts and humanities. Roger exhibits his work internationally and he is represented by Anima-Mundi.